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Three R's programs assist with Mathematics and Language skills.
We offer support through our multifaceted program delivery;
offering families more flexibility for attendance.
Register for one of our holiday camps, after school program or
weekend sessions. 'One to One' tutoring is also available on individual consideration.

Our programs are offered through fun and interactive methods in a
safe environment. As well as fostering learning and giving your child some new insights to their current or next grade level, we will also incorporate fun and play in our daily routines. At camp and in our other programs:

·       Children will interact and take part in various numeracy and literacy games, activities and educational Field Trips.

·       No we haven’t forgotten about Fun!!! Children try out their skills and knowledge in friendly team sparring. There are prizes and goodies to be won!!

·       There are also individual “test my limit” to encourage children to show their optimal! Prizes and goodies to be won!

·       There will be many group activities and games because collaboration is a key component in learning, and an asset in professions and the world at large.

·       Your early years child will become more familiar with numbers, counting, patterning, sequencing, alphabet, letter soundings, writing and reading. 

·       Your older years child will build on the foundational knowledge. They will practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, time, money, fraction, reading, comprehension, spelling, and writing. 

If you have any concerns about the conduction of our group activities or any other activity, feel free to contact us for information.

Transportation for camps is available at additional cost.  Call or email to inquire.

Check the 'Our Programs' menu for more details on programs and costs. 

Important Information 

Parents' Information

 In the event that your child becomes ill and misses a week of camp, you will be refunded for the missed week. The refund is ONLY if one whole week is missed. Medical/doctors letter is required. Refunds are ONLY based on illnesses/medical emergency of the child. If your child is registered for one week and misses the whole week due to illness ONLY, there is a full refund. There are NO refunds for withdrawal or absence other than illness. If your child misses camp days, there is NO refund. 

Food services and meals are handled by either Food Handler certified staff and/or by contracted certified meal service providers. Our meal menus are designed and prepared with cultural awareness, food allergy/sensitivity awareness, incorporation of the Canadian Food Guide and health wise. Summer camp is the only program which provides a full all-inclusive meal service. Saturday programs have NO meal services but attendees may bring their food and have it, as this program is more flexible with less attendance. We are still aware of food sensitivity and will set up designated areas accordingly. Homework Club provides a light snack. Spring camp provides a lunch ONLY, so participants must bring their own snacks. Due to the flexible attendance with the winter camp, participants must bring their own lunch and snacks. We will however serve seasonal treats throughout the sessions. Encourage your children to bring water to all programs. 

Starting January 2022, we will have transportation services for camps based on if there is a high demand. Bus drivers for camp and Homework Club have their vulnerable sector screen, insurance rating between 8-10, a clean driver's abstract, background in driving children and extra liability insurance. Homework Club attendees will be picked up from their individual schools and dropped off at our program. Parents are responsible to pick up their children at 6:30 pm sharp. PLEASE pick up your children on time. Full busing service will be provided only for summer camp. We will do pick up and drop off Monday to Friday, at an additional cost. 

Payments to be made to “Three R's Academics." Late fees will be applied. A ten minutes grace period will be considered on an individual basis. PLEASE make every effort to pick up your children on time.

Upon registration completion and return with fees, parents will receive confirmation of enrolment . Please note that there is a $20 registration fee for all children due upon registration. 

For any concerns, questions or for more information please call, text or email. 



The Elementary school Mathematics curriculum was updated in 2019 to include Financial Literacy. What does your child know about money...?


Just about anything with words can be a tool for learning words and to read. Did you know that by grade 1 children can be reading up to 40-45 words per minute? Test this theory with your child. 


Incorporating play into learning is a good way to get and keep children engaged.